Maisonette, or duplex, two-floor holiday apartment consists of a ground-floor room with a double ben and one bed. Some holiday apartments have two separated beds, the so called twin bed. Each maisonette apartment has an attic room with a standardized double bed and one bed. This apartment, intended for 2–6 persons, has its own bathroom equipped with a large inbuilt shower, a basin and a WC. Some apartments have newly installed air-conditioning, mosaic seats in a bathroom, a bidet or a separated WC. These are recommended for business managers, individuals and groups of up to 4 persons as well as a couple’s romantic night.


Dominating brown colour, corn matting ceilings, clay plastering. You can find an Indian tepee with a carved totem over the double bed and the best-known rocks – Monument Valley – in the bathroom.

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Dominating dark blue colour, you will feel like being on a beach in the interior, a sunset painted on the wall, muffled light in the little buildings on one of the Greek islands. Air-conditioned, with double bed.


Room with twin beds. Dominating green colour, sea grass ceilings, cotton plastering and bamboos. A mosaic in the bathroom: Buddhist temple on Bali. Typical palm sea apple.


Dominating blue colour, carpeted ceilings, carpets on walls. Turkish lamps and decorations. The mosaic of Muslim mosque with two minarets in the bathroom, two twin beds, a carved wardrobe and a table.


There are two twin beds in the room. Dominating yellow colour, ceilings from genuine jute, cotton plastering, horns and hide of a bull. Bathroom: the mosaic of the best know bullfighting arena in Madrid, date palm.


Air-conditioned stone holiday apartment of ancient Incas’ empire, set of stone terraces, galleries and walls covered by green grass. Large bed under the painting of Machu Picchu.


Family holiday apartment consists of two separate rooms; the smaller one with double bed and one bed, the larger one also has double bed and one bed. There is a small hall or a living room with a bed-armchair in the apartment. The rooms have their own bathroom with a large shower enclosure, a basin and a separate WC. It is intended for a comfortable accommodation for families with children, or two married couples, too. One apartment is equipped with a balcony with the view of a pond; suitable for longer accommodation. We recommend it for a family holiday or for managers in separate rooms.


Newly modernised family holiday apartment offers two large rooms for parents as well as their children. Tower with the view of the entire Resort. Skins of zebra, lions and antelopes. Underlit painting of a safari.


The largest room consists of two self-contained separate rooms of red colour. The smaller room has the Wall of China and the larger has a carved Chinese dragon. The holiday apartment has a balcony, large double bed and a red bathroom.


Dominating orange colour, ceiling of black-golden textile plastering, Oriental wallpaper, a room in 3D design, Indian-style vaults, the minarets and cupola of the Taj Mahal temple, statues of Ganesha and Lakshmi. Large double bed and a separate kitchen.


VIP wedding holiday apartment of 25 m2 minimum consists of one large room with a large king-size bed with a canopy or sleeping in mezzanine. Further equipment includes living room area with a bed-armchair and large TV, kitchen with a sink, or a balcony. A spacious bathroom with a shower, or a stream bath, a basin and WC is a matter of course. It is intended for luxury accommodation for married couples, for beautiful first newly-wed night, or a relaxation weekend. We recommend it for a romantic night and relaxation stay.


Green-painted room with Maya pyramids in the interior, bed linen with typical Maya elements, cork floor, jaguar – a sacred animal. Separate kitchen with a small hall, gravestone of Pakal of Palenque, Maya calendar and a steam bath in the bathroom.


Beige colour dominates, pyramid-like interior. Large bed in a mezzanine floor and its own outside terrace. The bathroom in the form of a tomb: mosaic facing of ancient papyrus and Tutankhamun’s death mask.


Canary yellow colour with lianas, plants and a large statue of Christ and a comfortable sofa. Amazonian rainforest painted on a wall. There is a huge double bed with light snakes in a mezzanine; the mosaic of the Maracana Stadium and the accessories form the Rio carnival in the bathroom.


DeLuxe holiday apartments are characterized by their above-standard equipment...


The most luxurious and sought after holiday apartment in our Pension. You can enjoy relaxation in a massage bath together with the romantic view of lit starry sky and salt lamps having the effect of chronotherapy, or e.g. an infrared sauna enriched with a highly ionized alpine air – all this in a complete privacy of your comfortable bathroom.

  • Above-standard equipment
  • Own parking directly in front of the doors
  • Large bed, anatomical pillows, anti-allergic blankets, comfortable sofa
  • Seating on bar stools of a minibar with mini kitchen
  • intimate UV lighting
  • unlimited access to a massage whirlpool bath
  • Infrared sauna
  • For more information, please visit: Orient Relax


The Arabian room of Jordan will take you to the ancient stone city of Petra – the seventh wonder of the world. The apartment with two bedrooms is intended for longer family states, too. It is included within the Orient Relax category, it has a giant bathroom with a large bubble bath for two, separate WC with a bidet; the air-conditioned room has also a kitchen and a minibar.

  • Above-standard equipment
  • Double bed with mosquito netting
  • Spa bubble bath for two
  • Separate WC with a bidet
  • Air-conditioning
  • Authentic rock relief


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